Planting Orange in Cambodia

Orange or ‘Kroch’ in Khmer, is one of the national fruits of Cambodia, in which green orange (Kroch Pursat) from Battambang province is the best taste of orange in Cambodia. However, orange crop is not planted only in Pursat Province and Battambang province, but also Kampong Thom province and others provinces in Cambodia.

Below are steps in planting orange.

a. Seed extension by grafting branches

Pursat Orange from Battambang Province, which is the best orange in Cambodia with great sweet taste

We select a branch not too old, not too green branch, and no illness caused by insects.

After selection we must cut the small branches that growing out from that big branch, and then use a sharp knife to trim the bark around the branch of 5cm in width, scrape the liquid well. Leave the branch one day, then mixing two third of soil and one third of compost or dry cattle excrement and wrap around the trimmed area, cover by coconut husk, tightly ties and maintain to keep it wet all the time for 3 months. It means that we do this until it roots growing out in brown color so that we can cut to plant. When cutting, we must cut 5cm from the grafted face.

b. How to plant

We bring the grafted branches we had cut to soak in water for one night before we plant. The planting hole must dig enough to plant, it is not too big. The gaps between holes are from 4m to 5m.

c. Caring

– After we have planted, we must take a pile to erect next to the orange tree and tie up to prevent the orange tree from falling down.
– When the tree roots are well grow into the ground, we must chop up the soil around the tree base my mixing with compost (the stirring around the base depend on the size of root and stem).
– Cover around the tree base by dry leaves, these soil stirring and fertilizer mixing must do two times a year.
– When the orange bearing fruits, we must be very careful by packaging the fruits and tie over to protect from butterfly biting and sucking.

To protect from various diseases spreading, we must cut out the ill branches or death branches. the above seed extension have good effectiveness, orange branches grow around 90% and the planting with good care make orange trees grow better and bear so many of fruits.

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